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Title Author Subject
world who wants it? Nicholson Ben mind politics/social
world within Krishnamurti J Mind
world within Cerminard Gina Occult
world within walls Kleene Donald Japan
world without end Follett Ken Mystery
world without stars Anderson Poul SF
world without us Weisman Alan ecology
world’s best “true” ghost stories Xxx young readers
world’s best dirty jokes xxx humor
world’s best spicy food Lonely Planet cooking
world’s elite forces Quarrie B. military history
world’s end Boyle T. Coraghessan Novel
world’s greatest alien encounters xxx UFO/LOST Worlds
world’s greatest blunders xxx humor
world’s greatest cranks & crackpots Nicholas Margaret Crime
world’s greatest crooks & conmen Bundell Nigel Crime
world’s greatest crooks, crime Xxx Crime
world’s greatest cults xxx Crime
world’s greatest hollywood scandals Marriott John Biography
world’s greatest mistakes Blundell Nigel history modern
world’s greatest mystery, intrigue and suspense Chancellor Press Occult
world’s greatest psychics Nicholas Margaret Occult
world’s greatest railways Chant C Science
world’s greatest rice recipes Ingram Christine cooking
world’s greatest royal scandals Cawthorne Nigel Biography
world’s greatest sex and scandals xxx Sexuality
world’s greatest treasury of healthy secrets xxx Medicine
world’s greatest ufo & alien encounters xxx UFO/LOST Worlds
world’s greatest ufo mysteries xxx UFO/LOST Worlds
world’s greatest unsolved crimes Boar Roger Crime
world’s last mysteries Xxx UFO/LOST Worlds
world’s living religions Bahm Archie J Comparative Religion
world’s most extraordinary people… Dolan Mark humor
world’s most fantastic freaks Parker Mike Biography
world’s most infamous murders Boar Roger Crime
world’s religions Partrigde C Comparative Religion
world’s wealthiest losers Nicholas Margaret Biography
world’s wisdom Novak Philip Comparative Religion
world’s worst disasters Octopus Books History ancient
worldmaker Ellis A. C. SF
worlds beyond Geis Larry UFO/LOST Worlds
worlds elsewhere Dickson Andrew mind essay
worlds in collision Velikovsky Immanuel UFO/LOST Worlds
worlds in harmony Dalai Lama Buddhism
worlds of exile and illusion Guin Ursula le SF
worlds of honor Weber David SF
worlds of the wall Macapp C.c. SF
worlds within her Bissoondath Neil Novel
worldstone Strauss Victoria SF
worldwar: striking the balance Turtledove Harry SF
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